What Size do I need?

Here is a selection of units Offered by Low Cost Storage. We hope that this graphical presentation will help you visualize the storage volume available in our most popular unit sizes. We have more sizes to choose from to customize your storage needs. Please refer to the Location pages for the full list of unit sizes available at each location.

  • 5’X5′ (25 Sq. Ft.)

    Equivalent to: Regular Closet

    This Unit will hold: Clothes, toys, personal and business items, small furniture and boxes.
  • 5’X10′ (50 Sq. Ft.) and boxes.

    Equivalent to:Walk-in Closet

    This Unit will Hold:Small quantities of furniture and household appliances. Business articles, small items and some motorcycles.
  • 10’X10′ (100 Sq. Ft.)

    Equivalent to: Half of a one-car garage

    This unit will hold:Major appliances, furniture, supplies, and motorcycles.
  • 10’X15′ (150 Sq. Ft.)

    Equivalent to: Two-thirds of a car garage

    This unit will hold: Major appliances, boxes, miscellaneous items, commercial storage, and storage for small compact cars and motorcycles.
  • 10’X20′ (200 Sq. Ft.)

    Equivalent to: Standard one-car garage

    This unit will hold: Major appliances, plenty boxes, commercial storage including storage racks, and indoor vehicle storage.
  • 10’X30′ (300 Sq. Ft.)

    Equivalent to: Standard two-car garage

    This Unit will Hold: A four-to five-bedroom house with major appliances and room for boxes. Excellent for business storage of files, equipment, permanent records, and indoor vehicle storage.