Lofts, Lifts, and Storage Lofts

Our Spaces are tall. You can save up to 50% by “Storing Up.” We can add a loft, car lift or storage lift to your space. The cost of these can save you up to 50% for the additional space. Prices vary. Inquire with your rental.


We can build in your space lofts of many different sizes and heights depending on your storage needs. Here are two examples below. The one on the left permits a vehicle to be placed below the loft.

Storage Lifts

The storage lift below is the perfect combination to gain tons of storage at half the cost. The loft above raises and lowers to place storage items above your vehicle.

Car Lifts

If you have multiple vehicles, a car lift is the perfect choice to add to your storage space. In this photo two SUV’s in one storage space by utilizing one of our car lifts.