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Vehicle Storage Facts

Vehicle Storage Facts

How to store a car depends on a handful of factors. How old is the car? How long will it be in storage? What is the climate like where you live? The answers to these and other questions will help you maintain the integrity of your vehicle when it is not being driven. If you need to store a vehicle for the short term, storing a car in a non-specialized storage unit might be an ideal solution.

Where should I store my car?

If you only need to store a car without driving it for a month or two during a warm season, keeping your car outside with a car cover will not do much harm. However, if you are looking to put a car away for three months or more, someplace indoors and away from the elements is the best option.

What do I need to store a vehicle in self-storage?

To get your vehicle a spot in one of our facilities, you will need to consider the following:

  • Your vehicle must be in running condition or on a trailer.
  • You must provide us a copy of your registration and/or a title.
  • Your vehicle must be insured. *

*Talk with your insurance agent about switching to a less-expensive temporary coverage plan, as vehicle insurance laws vary from state to state. Common coverage plans for cars in storage are seasonal and comp-only. Do not forget to switch your insurance when your car is back on the road.

Do I need climate control for vehicle self-storage?

Most cars are stored in a non-climate-controlled environment. We do offer climate-controlled storage, however, most of these units are inaccessible by car.

Is working on a car in a storage unit allowed?

No, unfortunately working on a car in a storage unit is prohibited. Working on cars on site creates issues with oil and fluid spills. Noise, smoke, and odors are all factors that affect other customers. Get all vehicle maintenance done off-site before storing your vehicle in a storage unit.

How safe will my vehicle be when I am away?

Keep in mind that you are responsible for the contents of your self-storage unit and we do not insure the contents of your space. You will need to lock your space and make sure that you safeguard your access information. We do have 24-hour recorded surveillance onsite and our site is well-maintained. We take the safeguarding of our customers’ property very seriously.