Storage Lingo

Drive Up: A Drive-Up is a storage unit that allows you to drive up to the door as if it were your garage. With a Drive-Up unit, you are able to unload or load items easily.

Roll Up Door vs. Swing Door: A rollup door opens like a garage door and allows you to maximize the usage of your space. Swing doors, on the other hand, resemble walk-in-closets and provide easy access to possessions.

Disc Lock: This type of lock can be purchased at a storage facility near you. Disc locks have a round housing which covers a large part of deadbolts, giving them a very high-security level.

Gate hours vs. Office Hours: Gate hours control the amounts of time you have access to the facility.  Office Hours are regular working hours, during which time a Storage Consultant would be on-site to aid you with your storage requests.

Gate Coded Access: Someone with a specified gate code facilitates the monitoring of the entering and leaving of vehicles by the staff.

“On-site” Manager: In this case, there is a living quarter for an employee on the grounds of the facility. Usually, with this person present, the facility is less dangerous and tidier than if it didn’t have one.